Instillo group, consolidates and supplies administrative support to an independent group of companies which operates over 20 countries world wide. It has established a strong network and built up a competitive team offering their expert knowledge for a number of national and international companies in a trustworthy working environment. 
It is a fast growing group with a wide range of pharmaceutical services from development through registration to commercialization which is realised by the companies MJR PharmJet GmbH and Quasaar GmbH. Quasaar takes over the GMP relevant aspects of drug and formulation development and brings the products forward in the path of commercialization. 
Futhermore Instillo group companies extend their competence for the customers from food, cosmetics and technical particles by nanoSaar AG which is the exclusive licence holder of MicroJet Reactor technology for non-pharmaceuticals. Years of experience with MicroJet Reactor is translated into product excellence where innovative ideas are brought into the market.

  *leon-nanodrugs GmbH, NanoSaar AG and Quasaar GmbH are not legal entities of Instillo GmbH

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